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  1. For those of you who have been doing CONTACTLESS DELIVERY, keep doing what you are doing. Your notes and instructions seem to be clear.

  2. NO SIGNATURES ON CREDIT CARDS. We do not need signatures on credit cards. Your delivery driver will attach your credit card slip to your order. The credit card slip will still have a signature line at the bottom, but we do not need it signed.

  3. When a delivery driver is close to your residence or business, he or she may call first to arrange a spot where your order is to be placed to maintain each of your social distance.

  4. CASH ORDERS: If you are paying by cash, place your cash in an envelope and leave it where you would like your order placed. If you need change, write the amount of change needed and the driver will leave it next to your order.

  5. The driver will notify you when your order is in the drop off location.


Since a large portion of our employee’s income comes from tips, there are two ways you can leave a tip:

  1. AT THE TIME YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER: When placing an online order, you can put a tip in the TIP box just before you check out. When placing an order over the phone, tell the person taking your order how much you would like to add to your order for a tip before he or she takes your credit card number.

  2. TIPS AT THE TIME YOU RECEIVE YOUR DELIVERY: Up until now we have been bringing you a credit card slip for you to sign. We will still bring you that same slip attached to your order. We will NOT be getting a signature from you. We can add a tip to your order in one of three ways:

  1. Verbally tell your driver how much to add to your order. He or she will write it down upon returning to their vehicle. When the driver returns to the store, he or she will communicate to the manager on duty what the tip is, the manager will then make the adjustment to the order just like they would be turning in a signed credit card slip. You are encouraged to call the store at 515 292-2321 to confirm with the manager the tip amount on your order.

  2. Call the store directly and let them know how much of a tip you would like to add to your order.

  3. Cash tips on credit card orders: Leave cash tip amount in the drop off location and the driver will pick it up when he or she delivers your order.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Jeff Uetz

Owner, Jeff’s Pizza Shop


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